“The pictures are fabulous!  We’ve looked at them over and over again. They really tell our story.  Thank you so much!” – Debbie

Guest:  I never even saw your photographer.

Groom:  I know.  He’s like a ninja!

“J&J we like the pictures very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much – they’re awesome!” – Tom

“I arrived back home last Friday night and was DELIGHTED to look through our proofs!  I’ve looked at them probably a dozen times now and I absolutely love them!  I am thrilled!  You did such a great job capturing us and our “vibe,” while still creating beautiful photographs.  The more I look at them, the more I love them.  Thank you so much!  Thanks again for all your fantastic work!” – Monica

“I totally recommend J&J!  There work is amazing to work with.  He is very communicative, friendly and professional. He really helped my husband and me feel at ease.  I loved the photographs and felt that they captured a great spirit.  The pictures are amazing!  I think Jared is awesome.  He was super responsive throughout the entire process.  We exchanged many emails before and after the event.  Both of our families thought he was great too, which was also a big plus.  Of course, then it was just wonderful to get the photos and see that he not only manages the process very smoothly, but also takes and produces beautiful pictures.  I just cannot say enough great things about J & J.” – Mary

“J&J’s work is amazing.  Jared truly has an eye for capturing beauty – whether it be obvious or unique.  He captures the essence and beauty of any situation he is shooting:  his photography for weddings is particularly stunning.  Jared is all about pleasing his clients and making their day as special as it can be.  He is extremely easy to work with; at my wedding I hardly knew he was there and then he produced all these amazing pictures!  I just cannot say enough great things about Jared – he comes highly recommended in every way.” – Geeta

“We have so many people to thank for helping make our day run so smoothly, but Jared is at the top of our list.  His efficiency was impressive, but was never at the cost of courtesy.  We’ve attended many weddings, but never have I heard so many people remark favorably on the photographer.  We didn’t even notice him taking photos – his photography was not at all a distraction or a disruption.  In short, it was everything we were looking for in a photography experience.” – Kee-min and Holly

“J&J is an amazing photographer.  I love my wedding photos.  They are exactly what I asked for and more beautiful than I expected.  People always ask me who my photographer was, and I always recommend J & J.  If you are in the NYC area, he’s the best.” – Tonya

“Working with J&J has been a superlative experience.  From our first meeting with him through our wedding and beyond, he has been professional and knowledgeable, thoughtful and charming, a talented artist and a great photographer.  While we’re absolutely delighted with our wedding photos, anyone who’s had a wedding will tell you that choosing the right people to work with is as – or more – important than the service they render, so we feel so fortunate to have worked with Jared who provided exactly what we’d hoped in both process and outcome.” – Eevin & Carl

“We are still four months before our big day this Fall, but we have already had a great experience working with J&J.

From the start, it was important for us to find a wedding photographer who felt totally comfortable and at ease photographing a gay wedding. We first heard about Jared in an online article mentioning his “Inequality in Marriage” discount and were really intrigued. Here was someone who not only had gay wedding experience, but who was taking an affirmative stance in support of marriage equality. We knew he was someone to check out!

But price was never the most important consideration for us – photographic artistry and a personal connection/rapport were more important. And, in search of the perfect photographer, we spoke to more than a dozen photographers over the phone, asked lots of questions and checked out sample albums. But, in the end, we only met face-to-face with one. Sitting down with Jared to hear about his passion for photography and his photojournalistic approach, as well as getting a sense of his witty personality, artistic style and good humor, had us convinced he was the right match for us.

Recently, we realized how great a decision we made in April, we met with J&J in Central Park for an engagement photo session. We are so glad we did this – it was great practice for the Fall. Jared first needed to help us overcome some jitters and nerves in front of the camera – and then we had a ton of fun! Jared did a bit of posing when we needed or wanted it, but generally, just let us be ourselves. We felt totally comfortable with Jared as our guide. And he was totally comfortable with us and seemed to have a lot of fun as well. We LOVE the pictures from the session – we look relaxed, natural, ourselves – he captured us in a way we’ve never been captured.

We can’t wait to have J&J photograph our wedding weekend in the Ithaca area this Fall. We think J&J is top-notch and that any couple – gay or straight – should consider him for their wedding photographer.”